There are too many children waiting to be adopted. Right here in our own backyard, there are more than 100,000 children legally free and waiting to be adopted. Our goal is to make a documentary film to increase awareness, to inspire action and do something good for the world.





We want to hear your story! If you adopted through foster care; if you were adopted through foster care; or if you aged out of foster care: Email us at adoptafosterchild@gmail.com your story or your opinions! We want to know your perspective, and we may invite you, only if you are interested, to be interviewed for the film. We’d love it if you would send us a video from your phone, including your email address; contact information and location. We plan to film throughout the United States. Please help us make this film to encourage foster adoption. You can give us a call at: 1-617-639-5671. If you are interested in adopting a foster child, please also check out this helpful website: www.adoptuskids.org.